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" Many of the interdependent mammals, birds, & plants may be vulnerable, living perilously close to the extinction cliff, but nature is also wild and robust, swinging back if given the slightest crack in the concrete. "   - Per Espen Stoknes

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Nature has become such an important part of our lives, we wanted to do more to help protect it. Seeing places we loved and places we thought were protected be sold to the highest bidder was gut wrenching, so we decided to do something about it!

The Henry & Baloo Foundation directly purchases and permanently preserves open land in the American West. Protecting acquired parcels of land in perpetuity by placing conservation easements on them which "run with the land," binding the original owner and, more importantly, all subsequent owners to the easement's restrictions. 

Our goal is to conserve land, protecting it and the wildlife that calls it home from changing governments and corporate interests. Land can't be created so it's crucial we preserve the little we have left. With your help the H&B Foundation will work to save as many forests, rivers, and canyons as possible. We know that's what Henry and Baloo would want.

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